Neighborhood Respite, Summer 2020. A poem by Andrea Potos

The playground with its closed notice,
the community pool void of water–
with your face mask on, you could walk in
the deep end and breathe the air that is still
somehow summer, the gardens
across the way, sprawling with zucchini and lettuces
and fat tomatoes; the sunflower stalks rising and nearly
ready to unleash their bright faces; the tall cosmos swaying
with their neon orange and pink petals–
if anyone has given them the dire pandemic facts, they
have not listened or cared, determined to give
their good and beautiful news.


Andrea is the author of nine poetry collections, including Mothershell (Kelsay Books) and A Stone to Carry Home (Salmon Poetry). A new collection Marrow of Summer will be published by Kelsay Books in 2021.

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