Nature is Smarter than People Think. A poem by Helen Marshall

As we stay indoors and isolate
My mind it wrangles in debate
The mod e is set to rollercoaster
Emotions swirling, I’ve reached my quota Then I realise, just what I’ve got
It stops me thinking that “I’ve lost the plot”
A deep breath in of gratitude
Complaining is futile and just plain rude
For I’ve got it all, right by m y side
I count my blessings and self-remind
A safe home, my health, the love of my family
Though not ideal, we can’t complain, can we?
For what I’ve got is someone else’s heaven
It’s dawned on me, I’ve learned this lesson
The pace of life has slowed right down
There’s nowhere to go, it’s all quiet in town
Appointments cancelled, plans rearranged
I have to admit, it doesn’t feel strange
It feels exactly what’s been needed
For so long nature lovers have pleaded
Planes have grounded, traffic reduced
Air is clearer and rivers renewed
Mother Earth’s on pause, rejuvenating
Balance restoring, nature reinstating
As hobbies reduce to a slower pace
We take the time to appreciate
Birds sing, bees hum, a ladybird crawls on a wall
Take a tip from the children among us, stop and be enthralled
As communities rally and experts research
NHS staff care and a vaccine will emerge
Our heroes are rays of appreciated sunshine
The dark clouds are truly silver lined
As we all stand under a rainbow of hope
Wit h strength and resilience around the globe
Though metres apart, the closer we link
Because nature is smarter than people think

Helen Marshall 2020

Helen is a poet from Sunderland, England. You can find more of her work on Facebook as Pen & Ponder.

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