My Inner Two Year Old. A poem by Kate Ennals

The two year old inside has slumped, half asleep
Its two blaring, red, spots, one on either cheek
has paled to pink. It’s tiny fists no longer flail
Its bawls have waned into gasps for air.
It’s iron will is exhausted, beaten, thwarted
My inner two year old has succumbed
Lies limp in the arms of Covid.


Kate Ennals is a prize-winning poet and writer and has published poems and short stories in a range of literary and on-line journals (Crannog, Skylight 47, Honest Ulsterman, The Moth, Anomaly, Bangor Literary Journal, Boyne Berries, North West Words, The Blue Nib, Dodging the Rain, The Ogham Stone, plus). Her first collection of poetry At The Edge was published in 2015. Her second collection, Threads, was published in April 2018. She has lived in Ireland for 25 years and runs poetry and writing workshops in County Cavan. Kate also runs At The Edge, Cavan, a literary reading evening, funded by the Cavan Arts Office. Before doing an MA in Writing at NUI Galway in 2012, Kate worked in UK local government and the Irish community sector for thirty years, supporting local groups to engage in local projects and initiatives. Her blog can be found at

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