My Hero (a mother’s message to her daughter nurse). A poem by Monica Keane

When you were just a little child
The heroes wore a cape
Destroying the evil in the world
And helping everyone escapeI look at you and think about
That child you used to be
While watching your caped heroes
Saying “that’s what I want to be”.

Now you turn and wave goodbye
And out the door you go
“I am so proud of you, my love”
I whisper, “I hope you know”.

You put your mask and apron on
I fear it’s not enough
And with your gentle, smiling face
You go, knowing it will be tough.

Without you they would have been alone
No one to hold their hands
To guide them through the darkest hours
Before they leave this land.

You reminded them they meant something
To someone at some time
Their life was one worth living
Not a senseless waste of time.

You brought them love and comfort
You sat with them a while
Until they gently drifted off
With the memory of your smile.

So now my darling daughter
I really want to say
How very much you mean to me
Today and every day.

And I need to let you know
How proud I am of you
And how my heart just bursts with love
For everything you do.

Monica lives in Sandyford in Dublin. She has always dabbled a bit with light-hearted verse for almost every occasion. Since retiring from full-time work in recent years she is now enjoying taking her writing a little more seriously.


  1. Fabulous, Monica, well done. you said it!

    1. Thanks Frances

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