My Fellow Americans. A poem by Duane Anderson

A letter from The White House,
addressed to: My Fellow Americans,
a name I will answer to, but one rarely called.

It was better than being called Infidels by ISIS,
or the Wuhan Red Death welcoming us
into its home, wishing to become friends.

The greeting continued, informing us that
an Economic Impact Payment was coming,
but that was something not unknown after

seeing that our savings account had sky rocketed.
There were other Fellow Americans that needed this
more than us since we were not financially burdened

from the economic shut down,
unlike so many others whose lives were put on hold.
Yes, I received the money Mr. President,

but this is to let you know I will be giving it all back,
not from where it came,
but to the charities helping those in real need.


Duane Anderson currently lives in La Vista, NE, and volunteers with a non-profit organization as a Donor Ambassador on their blood drives. He has had poems published in The Pangolin Review, Fine Lines, The Sea Letter, Cholla Needles, Tipton Poetry Journal, Adelaide Literary Magazine and several other publications.

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