Mona Corona by Una O’Farrell

I wish I had a belief in a higher being
To fall back on.
I’m a statue of ice, crying inside
A rusted empty can
A ball of stiff, afraid to breathe
Resilience, my saviour in the past
Depleted, no longer steadfast
Old wounds again open scars
A scream inside my head I try to hide

I awake thinking my children are home and safe
I carry them with every breath
Their hearts I hold from this distance
The youngest in the trenches
Preparing to go over the top

Fear or death, which is worse?
This could break me, I breathe
Fear I can stop
With your help love
You hold me knowing my nerves are shot
I am not alone

It’s a beautiful day
Together we can strike a match and
Set fire to yesterday
Soon the daisies and dandelions will come
Never again seen as weeds
I will smell flowers, touch trees
Plant special shrubs for the bees
Mother nature is enough
I can look to the sky and
Not ask why
Peace has come
Today I’m fine


Una O’Farrell Una has a BSc in Clinical Physiology. Her career as a Clinical Physiologist was cut short due to ill health. She began creative writing classes four years ago with Kevin Higgins, Poet as tutor. She continued to advanced classes with Susan Du Mars, as tutor. She has read her poetry at the open mike “Over The Edge” events. She was guest reader at the August 2018 “Over The Edge” event. She read from her debut novel ‘That’s It.’ She has been on the long list ‘Over The Edge’ new writer of the year 2018 She was shortlisted to read at Cuirt Festival of International literature, 2019 She has completed her first novel of fiction, ‘That’s It’ She is currently working on her second novel, ‘Only Your Heart’ which she hopes to complete shortly. She lives in Galway with her husband Sean Her three children live abroad.

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  1. I wrote this poem during first week of Covid 19. It describes my fear I think as with many others that week

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