Love in the time of Covid-19. A poem by Rebecca Lowe

You have killed me silently –
A bloody death I could have coped with,
Could have fought,
But this, more subtle, way
is crueller

You left a part of yourself, invisibly,
everywhere I went
so that I could not avoid you –
Favourite cafes, pubs, shops,
all were occupied invisibly by you,
So that I could not help but
eventually succumb

For days, I swam in a state between
waking and sleeping –
searching, but never finding.

At last, you left me unable to breathe:
Waking became painful,
Eating impossible,
And still, I couldn’t see,
Couldn’t touch you

And that was the most
impossible thing
of all.


Rebecca Lowe is a performance poet based in Swansea who runs Talisman Spoken Word poetry open mic. Her first collection ‘Blood and Water’ is due out with The Seventh Quarry Press in November. More of her poetry can be seen on YouTube: Talisman Spoken Word.

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