Lockdown and Divine Serendipity. Two poems by Maureen Lawrence


What if memories are all we have …
Transposed from a vibrant life to a shade of grey
Unknown changes in the times that lie ahead
Negate the pleasures of yesterday.
A time of reflection … reshaping our very being
Stirring and shaking up fear and confusion
We’ve learnt how to cry. … grieve … and mourn a little
Living in hope for the rainbow generation.

Precariously the world is dying
under the burning sun
While the glistening stars and Venus shimmer
Giving life where there is none.
But a piece of code wrapped in a protein coat
Installs conformity at its best
Protecting humanity from afar
To which we had to address.

The need for a simple hug from those we love
Is taking it a chance to far,
That’s not a risk worth taking
for even those who hold the power.
Care less for the trivial trappings of today
in this ever decreasing world,
That sentimentality is attached to so much
Let it slip … slowly … away unfurled

We yearn to embrace the ones we love
Feel their breathe against our face
To hold their trembling hands so tight
With hope tomorrow’s child be full of grace

They say there’s a crack in everything
and that’s how the light gets in …
So …
I’ll throw back my head with a raucous laughter
Clink our glasses, with the masses
But only in another day that passes
In a different life hereafter!

… on the other side of the rainbow … 🌈


Divine Serendipity

The silence is deafening but yet,
I can hear an orchestra play
It’s rhythmic tune like a metronome
takes me to the edge and far away.

There’s a distant love, who craves a hug
Will I see their smile again
Will I laugh with friends, share in their trends,
Until we’re three score years and ten.

I prevent myself from falling down
as I stumble along the way
taking the road less travelled
but can’t find my destination today.

Along the ancient bed of shale
I feel the breeze of the harbour waves
The seagulls scream to lead me home
Passed the Moat and road thats cobbled paved.

Thoughts spin around inside my head and I think of those I’ve missed
Of the never events and forever wars
and those who I’ve loved and kissed
Of tender hearts … and even the bores
Those still to cherish and even adore..
In all of my life, I’ve taken the cost
but never kept the score..

Divine Serendipity has carved its route
in a quintessential style,
by turning up between the cracks
declaring its arrival on this Isle.

Then I wake up in my study
Where all my treasures are in their place
The weighty books that bend the shelf
Memories to recall, to track and trace.
Sepia scrapbooks, tickets and tracks
The Riverdance sound of a clickity clack
Mountainous memorabilia of those savage teenage years
When The future was unwritten with beers, fears and tears
Boxes of photographs show a life that’s been worth living
and the people who I love, are so kind, so thoughtful, so giving.

The children’s postcards of adventurous happy days
Their stories of interesting people, who they met along the way,
Enchanted journeys, to mountains, and seas,
The love, the harmony and the Joie de Vive!

Tomorrow is for new adventures, and the sun will shine or so they say …
But in the meantime we have a duty … to not go out today!!


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