Lockdown. A poem by Jemelia M

I wanted to stop
Take a minute out
But, we have all stopped
Every shop, gym, pub, club is locked
People are losing their livelihoods
People thinking I wish, I coulda, woulda, should
I cannot see a friend
I pray I get to see my ageing Granny again
I’m having nightmares
Actual visions
I can’t breathe
Is the reaper coming for me?
Please protect my family, as they go about their day and as they sleep
Worldwide, people losing loved ones and lives
UK at our peak over a 1000 a night
This is not right
When this is over
I hope we all get to see the light
I hope we when look back realise the NHS and all the Key workers deserve more than a weekly clap
For the sake of the Key workers and our children I hope Covid 19 leaves and does not come back
Dear Covid, please leave and do not come back

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