Little Man. A play by Eoin Sheridan

The FATHER walks up to a house in a Dublin estate and knocks on the door. The CHILD runs to the window as RACHEL comes to the door.

CHILD: Daddy!


CHILD: Daddy’s here

RACHEL: Go inside (to boy)

FATHER: Hiya Rachel

RACHEL: Stay at the gate, I’m not opening the patio door until you back up to the path

FATHER: That better?

RACHEL: Just about

FATHER: You’re treating me like I have it

RACHEL: You probably do

FATHER: I got tested, they only release you if you’ve tested negative

RACHEL: You’re not meant to be out for another 4 months

FATHER: Out on temporary release ‘cause of the virus, they probably won’t bother putting me back in

RACHEL: You’ll probably get yourself arrested again soon enough

FATHER: Never again, I’ve changed

RACHEL: I’ve heard that before

FATHER: It’s not for you I’m saying it, it’s for him

RACHEL: What are you doing here?

FATHER: It’s Friday


FATHER: I want my boy

RACHEL: Not a chance

FATHER: You can’t just change the arrangement?

RACHEL: I haven’t, the government has

FATHER: But I get him at weekends, that’s the deal

RACHEL: You got yourself arrested

FATHER: That doesn’t change the arrangement

RACHEL: It’s not safe

FATHER: Hold on, I’d never hurt my son and you know that

RACHEL: I meant it’s not safe him moving between houses

FATHER: He’ll only be coming to mine

RACHEL: Till this is thing blows over he stays with me

FATHER: But sure nobody knows when that will be

RACHEL: It’ll be gone by the end of the summer

FATHER: A whole summer?

RACHEL: At the very least by Christmas

FATHER: That’s a lifetime of memories at his age, be reasonable Rachel

RACHEL: I’m doing what’s best for him

FATHER: Not having his daddy around is what’s best for him? I’m coming in

RACHEL: I’ll call the guards

FATHER: What? You won’t let me see my boy, I’m the one who should be calling the guards!

RACHEL: Go ahead, I’m sure they’d like to know how come you’re all the way out here, what eight? ten? kilometres from home

FATHER: To get my boy!

RACHEL: Still you’re breaking the rules

The CHILD runs out to his mother at the patio door

CHILD: Daddy!

FATHER: Hiya little man, Rachel let me see him, please

RACHEL: You can’t go out to him son

CHILD: Does daddy have the virus?

RACHEL: He might do

FATHER: Don’t be telling him bloody lies

RACHEL: You might is all I said, how am I to know?

Another man, her new BOYFRIEND, appears briefly at the door

BOYFRIEND: Come in little man

FATHER: Who’s that?

RACHEL: Nobody

FATHER: A nobody who just called after my son!

RACHEL: He’s not a nobody

FATHER: And you’re lecturing me about breaking the rules!

RACHEL: He’s not breaking any rules

FATHER: You can’t have visitors

RACHEL: He’s not a visitor

FATHER: Then what the hell is he?

RACHEL: He’s living here

FATHER: He’s what!? You have some stranger in there raising my son!

RACHEL: You think we have the time for you to get your act together?

FATHER: No, this isn’t happening, I’m taking my boy, open this thing up!

We hear police sirens coming closer in the distance as he goes up to the patio door, starts to bang on it and tries to force the door open.

RACHEL: And we’re going back to the courts for full custody once this all blows over

FATHER: Not a chance!

RACHEL: It’s all too upsetting for him

FATHER: I won’t allow it

RACHEL: He has a stable home here

FATHER: He needs his daddy

RACHEL: He has a man around the house now, a man who won’t find himself in jail

FATHER: But he’s my son!

We hear the police car screech up as he continues to bang on the patio door. His son stares out at him.

FATHER: Did that dopey bastard ring the guards on me!

GARDA: Only out a wet minute and you’re already giving us hassle

CHILD: Daddy!

FATHER: I just want to see my son!

GARDA: They should never have let the likes of you out

The FATHER is dragged away and put in the garda car as the CHILD looks on, crying.


Eoin Sheridan, Primary School teacher and wannabe writer.

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