Life in the time of Covid. A poem by Marian Relihan

Enveloped by four four-legged
who don’t watch the news
they don’t listen to Dr Holohan
they do not hear Trump
What is the HSE?
Even when I was covid-ed
they did not practice social distancing
No, they sat on my lap
curled at my feet
seeking closest contact 

Cowslips and primroses
joyfully present themselves
Blackthorn and Lilac blossom
reach down to shower their scent.
Young calves run and frolic
Crows rush around building homes
Mornings full avian songs
Grass competing to be tallest
Life when we are gone
Life in the time of covid.


I live in North Kerry and attend regular writing groups. I published a book of poetry ‘Skyland ‘ a few years ago. I work as a creative writing tutor.

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  1. Beautiful poem from a truly wonderful writer

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