Letter From 10 Downing Street. A poem by Stephen Watt

*Poem created using only words in the letter sent by the Prime Minister during Covid-19

Difficulties. Disease. Disruption.
Please understand your Government
that lives will be lost to the virus.
Citizens. Loved ones.
Our doctors, nurses, carers.

Stay at your home. Flat.
Businesses will feel the financial impact.
Follow rules. Protect the vulnerable.
Help our care sector. Be inspirational.

Do not hesitate
to ensure life can return to normal.
Our communities must have a hospital
to care for our citizens.
Save lives and exercise your action, Britain.

Rise to the hour.


Stephen Watt is the author of four poetry collections and Dumbarton FC’s Poet In Residence. He is currently editing a collection of poetry commemorating Buzzcocks’ late frontman, Pete Shelley.

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