Labyrinth of Life. A poem by Thomas Fahey

I’m like Daedalus in the Labyrinth venturing
Into this dark twisted maze
Walls dark, foreboding,
Neverending, cold and bare
Fear rising, ever daunting,
This task, I must endure
Before they find the cure

For the miracle drug
To allow us covid to shrug
Then allow our loved ones
That yearning hug
Searching this Labyrinth
For a hope and a hint
Of light and hope
That might help us to cope

I venture on my solo mission
Each turn, is twisted, yet ethereal, but not tangible
Hoping for no more human transgression
To find the golden fleece of
Life’s freedom and end this current nightmarish session
To find Icarus, and make our
Escape out of this oppression

Allow society to shake off the shackles
Banish our nightmares
Avoid the ghosts and ghouls
Who flout the rules
Shake off the shackles
And tackles of this covid

Finding Icarus, I can make my way back to the light so vivid
Banish this living nightmare for one and for all
Let us taste that freedom, without a fall
Let us strive to live, to fly
High into that beautiful sky.

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