Katie and Covid 19. A short story by marg brady

Katie had got a 2.1. in her degree. She felt she deserved to bag a position in the prestigious law firm in the city centre Financial Centre.

Katie visited her mother briefly before taking up her position. The woman had never stood in the way of her only daughter’s ambition. As Katie grew older, and more successful she became more alienated from her mother. Aye, the older woman was afraid of her. – afraid of her superiority and knowledge. The instruction was, there were to be no phonecalls to landlines. No writing and posting of letters (too many apartments, and anyway letters are a thing of the past.) However, just in case of an emergency Katie would leave her mobile number on the dresser.

Bye bye Rathbui, Hello Docklands.

Time passed, and Katie settled into her glossy office. That is, until an unbidden visitor – Covid 19, came hurtling down the tracks. Katie was all on edge. No thought or time for her mother. She reckoned she was old. But in her La-La land, the staff might be let go. “Last in, first out” was in the air.

On the day these thoughts crowded her mind, the phone call came. Oh how glad she was that the chap in the next alcove was out sick, when she gasped out loud.
The neighbour’s message was short “your mother has passed away. She hadn’t been seen for a week. We found your name and phone number on the dresser”
Katie’s mind went into overdrive. Her ability to think fast, was, what got her the job in the first place. It would stand to her now. She would sneeze, sneeze, sneeze. By lunch she would be out the door.
By afternoon she would be back in Rathbui. Fortunately now with Government guidelines, the burial would be private, immediate, over in 24 hours. The bigwigs from the office barred from attending. Her mother’s memory will die with her. Pride had eaten up her decency and loyalty.
She would then self isolate for a few days. Lock the door of the humble abode and of her hard heart.
On return, distancing will still be in place, no opportunity for girl-talk. Life will go on.


Retired. Lives in Longford.. scribbling more in isolation!

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