It’s The Simple Things and Happy 100th Birthday, Colonel Tom. Poetry by Julie Callaghan

It’s The Simple Things

Today we heard from old friends, newly arrived back in town.
We exchanged good wishes, recent news and tales of lock down.

A much welcomed diary date, arrangements made for Sunday
Lunch and a long walk planned, so for good weather we pray.

This phone call cheered us up no end, coming out of the blue.
For three long months, our diary empty, filled with nothing to do.

So much we took for granted, such moments we now treasure.
These days it’s the simple things that brings the greatest pleasure.



Happy 100th Birthday, Colonel Tom

What a legend Colonel Tom has become
The hearts of all our nation, he has won
To walk a hundred laps was his only goal
At 100 years old, it should have taken its toll
But Colonel Tom took it all in his stride
Filling isolated days with cheer and pride

The news of his challenge travelled far and wide
The media shared his story, proud family by his side
Three weeks ago, a thousand pound was the dream
Like a lifetime ago, that must seem
Thirty million pounds raised for our national health
In such a short time, amassing astonishing wealth

A guard of honour lined his one hundredth lap
A mark of respect for such a wonderful chap
A pride of Britain award, his name on a train
A letter from the queen and fly past planes
A world war two medal and a number one song
Michael Ball and all the country singing along

With hope in our hearts and heads held high
We will ride this storm, towards the golden sky
In years to come they will find it hard to believe
The story of a 100 year old man and what he achieved
Our national treasure, our hero and our number one
We salute you Sir,
give praise and thanks for all you have done

God bless you and all your family Colonel Tom

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