It is Time: Dublin City Speaks During the Lockdown by Caroline Bracken

Give me back my cranes, those skyline surfers,
orange and red crosses reminding me I am alive.
Give me back my flower sellers, their purple freesia
scenting my streets, their voices rousing me from sleep.
Give me back my white-faced bankers, dockers, builders,
long-distance lorry drivers, protesters, overseas visitors.

Come out you buskers, Luas fare dodgers, canal walkers,
chicken fillet roll eaters, gallery goers, bargain hunters,
pie in the skyers, Temple Bar terrors, Liffey lovers,
taxi talkers, whatever your having yourselfers, banterers,
I’m all right Jackers, God botherers, Spire mitherers.

Send me your sinners, your half-useless horse backers,
head bangers, dealers, gurriers, chancers, I’ll take all-comers,
your tappers, gougers, smokers, shoplifters, pick-pocketers.
Sort out my tent dwellers and sleeping baggers
they are still here with me
waking to silence.

Caroline Bracken’s poems have been published in Abridged, the Fish Anthology, Sonder Magazine, the Irish Times Hennessy New Irish Writing, Poetry Jukebox and Skylight 47. She was selected for the 2018 Poetry Ireland Introductions Series. This poem won the Poetry Day Ireland 2020 Competition.

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  1. Love it – makes me feel like the Stiletto is in sight!

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