Isolation. A poem by Gaye Gannon

That word – with it comes words like desolation, devastation, consternation,
It causes demobilisation, demoralisation, internalisation.
The fluctuation, exacerbation and continuation of this virus is causing
Immobilisation, hospitalisation and sadly sometimes even intubation.
Our preoccupation with sanitisation, sterilisation and fumigation is an
Indication of our trepidation of the entire situation.
We live in fear of the elongation or prolongation of the necessary segregation.

But with information, investigation and possibly medication
There is a chance of a discontinuation of the immobilisation and stagnation.
We have the anticipation of the activation of daily recreation
We hopefully have the creation of a civilisation showing more consideration
Of each other and the rest of creation.
We will have had the evaluation of personal situations and the realisation
That our preoccupation and fixation with the propagation
Of a life full of procrastination and commercialisation is nothing but
an undervaluation of or lack of realisation of self worth.

So let’s live with the anticipation of the activation of civilisation.
The new familiarisation with a nation full of consideration
The creation of a younger generation with greater imagination,
More conversation, without a Play Station.
Only then will isolation be used in collaboration with words such as
Liberation, realisation and emancipation.


Primary teacher learning in isolation.


  1. Wow Mrs Gannon, brilliant lots of food for taught

    1. Amazing G

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