Inside. A poem by Caroline Stevens-Taylor

As the buds begin to bloom
the yellow rain will  know no gloom
Flowers and fauna, no confusion
Burst forth in bloom and colour profusion
Outside the window life begins
Rain or shine and gentle winds
The invisible storm for them, no threat
But you or I,  it can cause death
And take a life so precious and dear
So stay inside and slow this fear
Look instead of what you can do
To stop the spread of this deadly flu
Watch the buds as they spring into life
Take care of eachother, don’t cause any strife… .
The laburnum it is a sight to behold
So I’ll stay in and enjoy it, and do as I’m told
My teens, they too are doing their bit
Sometimes they work, sometimes they sit
Evening comes and we spend it together
enjoying a movie, or doing whatever
We’ll chat and cook, read and laugh
It’s no so difficult to have to hold back
There’s other ways to stay in touch
Just pick up your phone, it won’t cost so much
So please stay inside and let’s stop the spread
Enough is enough, we don’t want more dead….

© Caroline Stevens-Taylor


I’m a 55 year old woman and like to write, mainly poems lately. I also have a blog on WordPress. I like to have little ‘chats’ on there, and just speak my thoughts…..

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