Indoors. A poem by Lucy Campos

I spend my time reading the complaints of a constricted world
It numbs my mind, hides me from my own thoughts

A recurrent cacophony

But the days go by, and their words fall into oblivion
I get used to my peers’ nightmares

Just another headline

I then draw my attention to the pace of my heartbeat
I inspire, but I don’t expire, unsure of what is coming

But knowing it will

I dark my room to spy the mundane life parading by my window
So different from the social media posts I scroll on my phone

I stand by

It hurts
And then it doesn’t



Bio & Link
Lucy Campos is a Brazilian/Irish citizen who loves telling stories about migration and self-discovery. A former journalist, she is a member of the New Irish Communities group of the Irish Writers Centre.


  1. Great poem Lucy. Congratulations.

    1. Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed it.

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