In Times To Come. A poem by Maeve Heneghan

I imagine when I am old
And fortunate enough to get there
The small secure bulk of a grandchild
Sitting on my knee
Telling him or her of pre Covid days

Days with a stroll in the park
In the setting sun
Resting at a favourite spot
Watching children play
In joyous ignorance
Of the turning tides to come

A kiss on my mother’s soft cheek
The strong embrace of a friend
Sipping coffees in a café garden
Bees droning in an out
Of intimate conversation

I will tell him or her
This is how I used to live
The things I took for granted

He or she will look at me and say
Thank you
And I will ask
What for?
He or she will answer
For listening to the bees
And the sea and the trees
For not listening to the lies
For trying to do the right thing
So we can have the days you loved so much

And I will say to him or her
You are wise beyond your years

Maeve Heneghan has had her work published in various online publications and anthologies over the past few years.

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