Idea of a Lifetime by Maria DePaul

It’s not going to end
It’s never going to end
Eternal life in a breath
In a heartbeat
Will it ever stop?

A universe
In a black hole
Speckled with
White and yellow and blue
Stars widely spaced
Yet pulled together
By the weak force
Plus a little gravity

Hold on for a brief
Lifetime before
The atoms in one arm
Go the opposite
From the other
Ever further

When the sun ignites
Propelling Earth’s dust
Along with all
The other planets
As the particles
Coalesce to gather
Into new star systems
Circling forever
Until the universe
Finally Disintegrates
Or implodes

Maria DePaul is a Washington, DC-based writer, whose work has been featured or is forthcoming in a variety of publications, such as The Horror Zine, Poetry Superhighway, Scifaikuest, Three Line Poetry, and Wax Poetry and Art,

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