I Doubt I Will. Lines of prose by Martin Stepek

I doubt I will
but if I die
as a result of this virus
or through any other cause
I’d like to say this in advance

I loved life
I tried to live a kindly life
I tried to live well and fully
without causing hurt or harm
to anyone or anything

I tried to be a good husband
within my limited ability.

I tried most of all
to care for my children
and to love them as best I could
and help them feel happy in life.

I would like to live
in good health and mind
for many decades to come
but if chance or fate
dictates otherwise
I make no complaint.

My life has been a joy
despite inevitable ups and downs
and it has been
my privilege, honour, and pleasure
to know so many
lovely, intelligent, and caring people
in my life.

Life is a miracle
and I have loved experiencing it
in all its magical variety.


Author of ten books, six on mindfulness, four volumes of poetry. Born in Cambuslang, lives in Hamilton. More here.

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