I broke the rules today . A poem by Joy Redmond

I broke the rules today
And boldly passed the threshold
Of a house not my own
A tray of stew under my arm
Slow cooked beef for a family in mourning

My brother broke another rule
And hugged his widowed colleague of forty years
My nephew and I broke the same rule
And hugged him tight before we left

7,000 miles away my sister broke another rule
And huddled with 10 others
In homemade masks around an ICU bed
The police state turned a blind eye
To a life lost days before her 18th birthday

We didn’t break the rules before
But in death, we do not comply


  1. Beautiful Joy I used to say rules were made to be broken, unfortunatley not at this time but yes in this case x

  2. Joy – this is so beautiful … it has the simplicity and grace of Heaney’s Midterm Break …
    Keep breaking the rules!

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