How did we do? Global Pandemic 2020. A poem by Cathal Mac Thréinfhir

How did we do?

Those of you
in the future
who scan and read
this archive, that we
have left you.

Did the World change for the better?
Did we learn the lesson at last?

Are you, who read this
in our future tense,
living in a united planet,
where hunger, disease, and

global conflict over land
and the planet’s resources
is only a distant memory:
in your past tense?

I hope so.

I hope you are not inmates still,
in the Global Prison that we
fashioned over centuries, of

war and death amongst us,
over possession of pieces
of the Earth and her resources, over

religious and ethic prejudice.
I hope you are no longer dying
for these foolish things.

I hope you have changed.
I hope you have learnt from
the mistakes we made.

I hope you have evolved
beyond our present state, and
are living in
harmony with her,
Gaia, the Earth.

I hope.

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  1. I hope so too.

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