Homesick. A poem by Eve Redmond

I have called Manchester my home for over thirty years
I want to go home now
To the land of Guinness and soda bread
Walk on the beach and hear the waves
Stay up late in Rosc drinking and having craic with my siblings
Meet old school mates and listen to their stories
Oh to have another night with Sean (taken too soon) in French’s with the girls

I want to eat Myles’ jam and sit in Zozimus with a cappuccino
Drive over to Courtown and look at the eroding beach
Swim in the sea and then have an ice cream by the fun fair

More importantly I want to go back to my youth
Drink dolly mixture on the beach
Go dancing underage and feel alive
I want to ride my pony
Remember everyone’s car registration plate for fun

Hot summers, ice cream floats in the garden
Barbecues with the extended family
Playing games doing impersonations and made up songs
Cousins coming down from Dublin to escape the city heat

I have missed you
Now that you are both gone I want to come home
And stuff the turkey like we did each Christmas
Play festive tunes while wrapping presents into the night
And be a family once again


Eve Redmond is a jeweller & lecturer based in Manchester. instragram :redmondevejewellery

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