Hold me a little closer. A poem by Carol Ann Crean


Hold me a little closer I do not understand,
Something called corona virus has taken over our land.
Our school closed in a hurry we were gently ushered out the door,
The Teachers told us they had to disinfect the floor.
I looked upon their worried faces, i read between the lines,
Everything is not okay I am young but can see the signs.
My mummy waiting at the gate a tighter hug she gave,
Standing tall and strong to me she for one would never cave.
I asked a million questions I feel very scared inside,
My friends said in Italy all the children had to hide.
Mummy assured me I will be okay,
she gave me lots of toys and puzzles and I can play all day.
No adult conversation, no breaking news I hear,
No television headlines, nothing for me to fear.
So if you have a child as young as me today,
hold them a little closer and keep bad news away.
We are very young and we learn all our fears from you,
Hold my hand mummy lets find something fun for us to do ❤


Mother of 5, hobby-poetry, writing and Art

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