Herd Immunity I and Herd Immunity II. Poetry by Deborah Harvey

Herd Immunity I

Later they will say
it was never our policy

but I remember how for eleven
precious days we take it on the chin
while people get pissed in tents
at Cheltenham races
crowd to watch a favourite band
sing to their team
that they’ll never walk alone

while protesters in hazmats demand
a lockdown and the loved ones
they told us we would lose
before their time
start being lost

Herd Immunity II

In Wales wild goats
roam deserted streets 

and sheep are filmed
in a children’s playground

crowding on a roundabout
going round and round
and round


Deborah Harvey’s poems have been widely published and broadcast on Radio 4’s Poetry Please. The Shadow Factory is her fourth collection and is published by Indigo Dreams. Deborah is co-director of The Leaping Word poetry consultancy. http://www.theleapingword.com

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