From Two Weeks to Two Days. A poem by Iris M Mora


People were going about
their grocery shopping
when I found in the parking lot
a Saint Jude medal-
‘Pray for Italy,’ it read.

I held it in my hand and cried
fearing that after China
Italy’s deaths were going to multiply.


As newspapers burst with obituaries,
medical staff, priests, and funeral homes
are overwhelmed 

a line of military trucks deliver bodies
under balconies adorned with oleander
lilies, jasmine, and blue bells.

Spring blooms for the dead
while the living sing from a distance
with hope and prayer to bring this to an end.


I wrote this poem two days after seeing military trucks transporting coffins in Italy to be cremated. It left an impression to see so many. My name Iris M Mora. I studied writing at the National University of Ireland in Galway. I live in Saint Augustine Florida

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