From Classroom to Zoom. A poem by Josephine Cunningham

Life has changed for all of us, but no need for doom or gloom,
We can still see each other, have fun and chats, with the help of Zoom.
We think of new ideas and some tasks that you can do,
But whatever tasks you are given, we must do them too.
Age makes no difference, we all have faced the same,
Something happened that affected us all, Corona Virus, was its name.
We all worked together, we did what we were asked,
But we couldn’t visit friends and for safety some wore masks.
School days cannot happen, but we still can meet like this,
We all look forward to seeing you, Zoom meetings we would not miss.
There’s Sandra, Deirdre and Josephine, we’re a small part of the team,
But working with children like you, makes our job such a dream.
You may need a little help and some encouragement along the way,
But your smiles and chatter and all you achieve really make our day.
The summer holidays are here now, so relax and have lots of fun,
Clap yourselves on the back for the amazing work you’ve done.
We do not have our Roster yet for the start of our new school year,
But none of us will be far away, so you have no need to fear.
We are a group that know you all, we’re in the school for you,
No matter what concerns you have, we’re ALWAYS there for you.

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