Forrest Gump. A poem by Anna Jordan

I thought our hearts were building a fort
So I climbed in
And world’s end was declared
And you never came back.
The half built fort
Started to fall
As, without a strong foundation
Nothing survives
So I began to walk
Steps of Gump, that just kept on going
Growing myself out
Sweating out all the sins
Stopping only when the rain
Washed me of my old skin
And the water began to run clear
And I cut my own hair
And in the pool below me
I looked into my soul
For longer than I walked
And you were gone
And I was strong
So I built a new fort
And waited for the world to grow back.
Faces were different
Older and younger at the same time
People took time to trust again
But never loved more.
Capitalist cities turned back to shared villages
And we all had something in common
Babies were born and societies leveled
And we wore our flags upon our souls
A nation once again
A nation of Gump legs
From just walking away from everything that never mattered.
Anna Jordan is founder of Modwords Spoken word movement and Modwordsfest, a platform literary festival in Waterford City. She is also a writer and spoken word artist.

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  1. I love this Anna .. every word ! all of it ..

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