Force majeure. A poem by Tess Larkin

Rest our bodies
As we nurture and self-care.
Rest our active minds
May clarity prevail.
Rest from human activity
As our compass stalls.
Let our innate healing Impregnate us all.
Let the wisdom of our leaders
Saturate us with Hope.
Let the waters in our rivers decontaminate.
Let the air that circulates
Be oxygenated and cleansed.
As the planes and transport cease
Let the wilderness flourish
Let the seasonal change
Deliver abundance in exchange.
Let our senses be stimulated.
Let our minds declutter.
Let our children play safely
And radiate unconditional love.
Let the virtual embraces
Enrich our spaces.
May we reach out to strangers
The friends we have yet to meet.
May our scientists discover the Vaccine
To neutralise and conquer Covid – 19
For healing salvation and preservation of the Human Race.

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