Flying The Flag by Peter Costello


We have heroes by the thousand, across our Emerald Isle
Their actions give you goose bumps, as they go the extra mile
All heroes don’t wear fancy capes, some have no uniforms at all
They are just togged out in civies, just waiting for your call
We know about the health care staff, they are a credit to our land
But I have to mention others, that have also made a stand
People working in essential stores, catering for our needs
Delivering food to cocooned folk, and many more good deeds
We have men and women, boys and girls, prepared for any task
If you need a helping hand, all you do is ask
Ireland comes out fighting, when our backs are to the wall
We all wear the green jersey, and we answer Ireland’s Call
There is a small gang of undesirables, trying to show off to their peers
But we have to make allowances, they have nought between the ears
The gang that taunt our front line stall, and try to make a skit
And think that it is funny, to sneeze and cough and spit
They don’t possess the brain cells, that allow humans to care
But that’s not just in Ireland, you will find them everywhere
But in general we are a premium bunch, we can hold our heads up high
When it’s time to dig the heels in, we Irish are not shy
We are a proud and loyal people, it is in our DNA
When it comes to thoughtfulness and caring, Team Ireland leads the way
Now we have to face the harsh facts, this could last awhile
And we know that changes will take place, that is going to cramp our style
But we will face the challenges, that come knocking at our door
And together, raise the Tri Colour, even higher than before

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