Finding Hope. A poem by Ginny Riedman-Dangler

Someone will soon cross my path,
and I will cross the street.
That’s the way it is these days.

It is a different world this morning, and even the white,
wild daisies that dress the ground in the park
are apart from each other-
as are the bare tree branches that in a hopeful way
reach for the sun.
I am hopeful too, yet sad.

Sad because I know life will be different,
and many people are not living to know what those
differences will be.

Hopeful as recent news begins to report a daily
decline in deaths.

As I walk I notice a robin on the dirt path,
as he passes to the other side,
his song compels me to smile.

COVID 19 Pandemic 2020


Ginny Riedman-Dangler is a retired educator and mental health therapist. She resides in Rochester with her husband Jim. Her poetry has been published in the “Mason Street Review,” the literary magazine of the Newark Public Library and others.

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