Fancy Friday. A poem by Jackie Lynam

I reach high for the black heels,
dig deep into drawers
for silk flowers and strapless bras.
And in a nod to #MeAt20
one Friday I wear my name around my neck
à la Carrie Bradshaw,
crimson lips, sun-kissed legs and biker boots.

Out of routine,
out of sync,
this online lockdown challenge
roots my daughter as well as me.
She browses and selects,
occasionally dons dresses too
– my obliging photographer.

Armed with a smile and a book,
I tilt my head towards her
but as I gaze at the lens
my mind meanders to
weddings and work dos,
when these dresses swished
and swayed,

bare arms brushed off strangers
and held friends close,
glasses clinked
and secrets shared.

I catch her eye and we laugh.
Delight in the distraction
of fancy frocks and silly struts.
Rejoice in the camaraderie
– online and right here.


Jackie Lynam lives and works in Dublin. Her poems have been published in The Bangor Literary Journal, The Honest Ulsterman, NorthWest Words and Boyne Berries, and two of her essays have been broadcast on RTE Radio One’s Sunday Miscellany.

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  1. Wonderfully light and airy poem; makes you feel a connection with the author as ‘just another version of me’.

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