Fading Colours. A Poem by Cathy Lee

“This will show us the true colours of each other”
I believe that to be true, although I’m not sure yet whether I want to see
Colours are a gift, naturally enjoyed in the outside world, but we are seeing a recreated and heightened version of that while indoors, where colours are more so schemes, and they’re often limited.

They say you make a house a home by adding colour, and this home used to make me feel safe
Now the more I look around these rooms and measure the height of these walls, I’ve come to realise that it doesn’t do that for me anymore
Its character is lost, as all the walls and shades and schemes are the same,
the colours are revealing the same truth to me.

I hear it now. It tells me that no matter how many DIY shops we visit, cleaning products we buy or any other must-have aids to help declutter all around us, the safe haven cannot be recreated
The essential ingredient, the colour, isn’t there and I don’t sense the vibrance I once felt so deeply.

There’s a memory and a story behind every unimportant item, that cannot be thrown away just yet
Being here, I see what was, not what is and I just see what’s missing.
The colour is quickly fading, and it shows.



Cathy Lee, writer and journalist from Wicklow, Ireland.

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