Ennui by Susan Robertson

Don’t ask me,
I really can’t be arsed,
Zoom this,
Zoom that,
I want to be alone.
Don’t you understand
the precious gift
of nothing
of no one
of time un counted
of days unmeasured
of mornings
determined by the light
and the softness of the pillow
of the duvet’s feathered folds
and the warble of bird song.Don’t tell me
I should do this
do that
be that or this
or should
or could
or will
or maybe.
I’m done
I really can’t be bothered
when I’m gazing
into space
while sitting
in the sun
listening to
the whisper of the breeze.

Don’t call me
and expect a
jubilant response.
I am jaded
and don’t want to know
the trivia
that subsumes
the daily
lockdown days
and woes and oh’s
and weary news
of same old, same old
I’d rather listen to
the hymn of silence.

Susan Robertson
a day in Lockdown May 2020

Amateur scribbler

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