Empty tea cups. A poem by Alyssa Rogers

Empty tea cups

How delicate they are,
Empty tea cups empty which once were filled,
acquiring dust.
One sugar or two, would you like some cream?
I would like to dream, to give into my madness, to paint canvasses out of stars, including the darkness, wrapping my mind around what my own mind is.
I’d like to unravel, time is endlessly unraveling, time cannot be written upon, for it is already written.
This does not mean decided, each petal carried by the wind must land, the beauty is not where it lands, it is the fall.
Falling can be frightening,
unraveling into the unknown.
I pour a cup of tea and think of time shared, how we will share it again.
For now I breathe, experiencing stillness amid the fall.


Alyssa Rogers is a poet from New Jersey. She studied English with Drama at University College Dublin, where is twice published in the Literary Societies Bi-annual literary publication the ‘Caveat Lector’. Alyssa was a featured performer at the Sparkling Sound Theater Festival in Copenhagen in 2018.

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