eat meat. A poem by Siobhan Potter

….Eat meat
and give thanks
time is coming when the potato will fail again and
nobody is going to come for us
when we accept that we will be free
lentils, chickpeas and plant based proteins are not indigenous
we will eat meat like our famine forefathers and
while it’s not quite time to decide which
of our neighbours or children to eat first
we might throw an eye over this while we have access to clear heads
although everything dies, some
will live as seed carriers.Elect
to thrive like the first forms that crawled out of water become mud
Rise from this mud, changed. Understanding
there is no right to life
Thriving requires faith
cast aside, it waits
Ecological is, to be part of something too big to comprehend
and to not need to
Fun fact
The virus doesn’t care who is vegan or spiritual or a survivor
Soon we will be up on all 10 toes running
in bodies designed to run driven
like the dinosaurs, to die in our current iteration
Talking about surviving is not a tool
Rest easy, the planet will not die
It is changing to rid itself of us
Trying to arrest the death of a species misses the point
death is as much part of life as life itself and
it’s almost here.
In time there will be nothing left to burn, but the tyres we tut over
and burn them we will
Learn how to hunt
eat meat
eat it raw
enjoy the lentils
no one is coming to help us
and nothing is wrong….

[ellipsis either end because this piece is part of a larger body of work]


Siobhan Potter is an emerging Irish writer. She works as a psychotherapist and artist. All her work areas are about documenting experience. Her poetry has been published in the IAHIP Inside Out Journal. She is the founder of the ‘not the time to be silent‘ online poetry reading & open mic response to social distancing due to the coronavirus.

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