Dust Cover. A poem by D’or Seifer

She had to live in silence
no pealing as water flirts
with drop of water
in the draining sink
not even dishwashing
just pen kissing paper
to replace the dolls she
to play with.
And Peter
but still he lived on,
continues to.

And the wolves howl no more
just the winds inside
dropping words in increments
within an hourglass.
Time does not tick in captivity.

But Anne bound her leaves
in silence
her voice echoes through it
into my kitchen
as I sit in Europe
walls enclosing me
from empty streets.


D’or lives in Limerick and enjoys attending local poetry groups, dancing and cloud-watching.


  1. This is a topic which is near to my heart… Take care!

    1. Thanks for commenting and reading.

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