Dear Covid-19. A poem by Liane Maitland

Forced to face your rampant reach
My blood runs cold
I forget to breathe as fright takes hold
Retreat into the murky waters
Of fear fuelling fear

Tight jaw, rigid body
How will I and those I love fare if you call?
I wail for the ones you have taken
Cower for what’s to fall
Feed me, oh words of war

Some deny, pack a picnic
Look the other way
Only vaguely aware of your lurking presence
Small initially, but with possibility
Of looming larger than life

Is there a different way?
Curiosity doesn’t always kill the cat
Softly, gently, perhaps we can come into relationship
My bosom and heart embrace the chance
For a dance of a different kind

THIS is how I will meet you
Not as hostile foreigner
Something to kill, which makes me ill
Instead I’ll look for your wisdom
As teacher, mentor, friend

Your lessons reach far and wide
Individual, collective, planetary
Will we listen?
Not all, but I and with many like me
Perhaps a Tipping Point

I realise you don’t enjoy what you do
The raging is hard for you too
But a new blueprint needs Big Mamma Earth measures
I understand and promise to reconnect
To your Fierce Love when I get scared.


Liane is a psychotherapeutic counsellor based in Scotland who writes, mainly for wellbeing, as a hobby.

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