Dear Cousin Sandy, by Michael Estabrook

Dear Cousin Sandy

Some days the depression rolls over me like a rogue wave
all feels like such a waste of time and so dangerous
if we get this thing we ’ll most likely die
but we try to keep busy
at least distracted, have projects to keep us occupied
that helps a lot
just finished painting the massive room downstairs
will work on our screened-in porch next
we’ve only been here 6 months
so still have improvements to make on the place
thank God

Sitting around hand-wringing while watching
the horrifying blow-by-blow on the News is not helpful
(we have friends in town, oldsters like us, who watch the news
all fucking day long!
I’d be up on the roof without a parachute so fast your head would spin)

And like you we are going through the 47,000 photos we have sitting in photobooks that no one ever looks at
we’re pulling out the best ones
and plan on making a Shutterfly book for each of the kids
to remind them of where they came from poor dears

Fortunately on the bright side of this horror show
for you 2 and us – we’re retired
have no children to shelter and feed
no jobs to worry about losing
no classes to attend
just go once a week to the grocery store
7am during the time set aside for the oldsters
hunker down the rest of the time and wait it out . . .

Patti of course is enjoying her Amazon shopping time
keeps her very busy and she’s doing her share to keep
the economy rolling along (HA)

Because I m a poet I’ve never in my life
had a problem with boredom
to be honest not even sure what it feels like
right now f or example I am working on a dozen poetry collections
in fact don ’t have enough time on my hands
to get them all done!!!

Sure do miss the days of old, particularly those
carefree times rambling through the cemetery back behind your yard
spying on Kerry & Kathy!!!
Take care Cuz
Your Favorite Cousin (Michael)

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