Cycles Of Overthinking. A poem by Craig Smith

Cold walks in blue tops,
Blue mornings and warmth.
A Cornerstone.
To always be electric,
Always switched on,
Is a little bit too much sometimes.

All pain will pass,
Allow yourself to feel.
Feel pain.
Feel delight.
Like a dark figure in the daytime.

Every chance,
Every chance that I take.
I am at once not so extraordinary,
But at most myself,
On the realisation,
That I’m about to be overcome.

When I let everything wash over me,
It is a wonderful day.
No matter what.

When you’re lost in another thought,
Harbouring a morbid hatred.
Don’t be too sad,
As sad as I know you will.

You have the power to be your person,
That person.
With no god given gift,
But with life.
In everything that happens to you.

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  1. Beautiful.

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