Crona’s Shade is Yellow. A poem by Michelle Moloney King

Steal her style
in mellow yellow
you could even make
a mask look chic
sunshine buys all discounted

Lemon lux after dark
evening shade in your poly-tunnel and itchy biscotti cardigan
in the time of Crona

Velvet knotted headband
tied to thoughts
lux after dark, remember? to
be red carpet ready
zoom ready
homeschool ready

Funeral ready

a virtual goodbye
for your nursing home mama
it swept through and took
our village elders

A small island, open boundaries
too humble to shut down ports
in the land of a thousand welcomes
we sacrifice those who came before us
with leprechaun smiles
and our yellow bellies
they call us mellow yellow


Michelle Moloney King is from ouside Cashel, Co. Tipperary. She is mum to Dylan and Regan, a primary school teacher and founder of Golden Vale Writers Group. While Ireland’s government did so well leading during the pandemic, she was moved to write this as an outcry for all those in nursing homes. Follow her in Instagram

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