Crackdown. A poem by Margaret G Kiernan

Rattled city strife, breached crackdown needs
day and night resound dis-ease, crackdown
saboteur tribal herd stray onto my patch
sage advice scuffs along the street

Cutting winds sharpen corners
feathers catch in chain-link fence
eyes of brown and blue avert
focus, mute eye-talk, crackdown averse

Doors shelter the homeless, unlock
so that I may fall through the social
history and political
crackdown to the truth

Under night sky, park benches oppose each other
open out, find soft layers of dried leaves
lay back, hole up, rest
as the moon eclipsed crackdown

Dreams of dignity to understand
the colour of change rainbow
crackdown on mapping the way home
minnows in a rock-pool

Eagle on wing speak to vultures on
clifftops, the news crackdown, the fall from
grace, when the pioneers collated slaves
salmon spawn far from home.

03-06-2020 Margaret G Kiernan


Emerging writer. Poet at Over the Edge, Galway. Published on-line and Literary journals. Pendemic. Blue Nib, Lit.Mag. Journal. Honest Ulster etc

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