Covid Circle. A Poem by Maeve Heneghan

It happened to us
Before anyone else

Xian. Late January
Hubby’s Nightly calls
‘We’re fine.
Dad gets out once a week for supplies.’

Xian. Early February
No flights out
‘Will hold tight, see if I can change plans.’

Xian. A few more weeks
‘Mam and dad
hiding their stress.
Me too.’

Xian. Late February
Another flight booked
‘Will take my chances.’

Xian. Leave today
Masked up, Temp checked
Over and over
The escape is on

Dublin Airport. Thank God.
No masks, no temp checks,
Some posters on a wall

Home at last.
March 12th
Lock down
All over again

Maeve’s work has appeared in various online publications and poetry and short story anthologies over the past few years.

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