Covid-19 (There Will Be Time). A poem by Kieran Duggan

Coronavirus –
An unprecedented scene;
Bill Gates had it predicted in 2015.

Nature thriving, poor men dying.
If we don’t blame it on the rats, we blame it on the bats.

The world at rest, man faces its greatest test.

Frontline Workers – God bless your souls;
The 350 pay-out is sure to take its toll.

The absence of fast food fries is being replaced by the beauty of clear blue skies.

Addressed by Leo; reminds us of our duty –
Unofficial laws, we are all a part of this jury.

Keeping our distance, we know not where we stand;
The foreseeable future is looking so bland.

Together as one, we bask in the sun;
Who would have guessed we’d be having no fun?

In time, the masks will be removed;
The pandemic scars beaming.
We will emerge as a world that is one and is healing.


Hello, My name is Kieran Duggan and I would like to share some poetry with you which I have been writing recently. I am 26 years old and from Limerick, Ireland. I am really enjoying writing poetry and would love to engage with other aspiring poets. As the theme for Poetry Day Ireland 2020 was ‘There Will Be Time’, I think this poem is quite relevant as it is a documentation of the times we currently live in. Please feel free to get in touch with me via Instagram: @kieran_duggan Kind regards and stay safe, Kieran

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