Corona and Grief. A poem by Tess Larkin

I’m shocked Corona
You have meandered into my life uninvited.
You have travelled Without a valid passport
Without valid documentation
Or official invitation.
You have invaded my life, my country our world.
As you mingle Uninvited Infiltrating contaminating
Our bodies, minds, life and souls
As you enjoy your voyage At the expense of human life.
I’m angry Corona!
You have interfered with my natural socialisation process.
You have contaminated
My life, my friendships
My identity has been challenged
My freedom discoloured Stagnated indefinitely.
I’m trying to comprehend Corona
You’re not a bird
You’re not an animal
You’re labelled a Virus.
What are you really?
What’s your composition?
The reason behind your existence?
Who sent you?
What sent you?
Were you created? Invented? Integrated?
Reasons for your existence?
And your Global travels?
I get anxious, sad, lonely and depressed
I realise now Dr Kubla Ross’ stages of grief
Are my new companion
As I subconsciously
Ramble up down her ladder of grief
Corona there is no healing stage visible on the Horizon
There is no resolution to my grief
Until we get a vaccine to neutralize you COVID 19

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  1. Great Poem Tess….so well put together….straight from the ❤️……
    Well done…
    Maureen (Fleming)xx

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