Clapping for the final time, Padlocked playgrounds, The noise of nature, Bad hair day? Poetry by Helen Davies

Clapping for the final time

Last night we clapped for the final time,
To thank all those who are keeping Britain going,
Who still risk their lives every single day,
In such tough conditions for inadequate pay.

Although the clapping has come to an end,
The gratitude will always prevail,
I don’t think we’ll ever forget our Thursday nights,
Our appreciation for those who help us fight.

Society’s love for the NHS must keep growing,
So they FINALLY get the respect owing.

It’s now about their mental health and support,
Recovery of a different sort,
Because their eyes will never unsee,
Their ears will never unhear,
Their hearts will never stop breaking,
Their minds will never forget,
The experiences. The deaths.
The leftovers of this killer disease
will never disappear.

Padlocked playgrounds

Walking past the padlocked public playgrounds,
Where the sad and lonely swings and slides reside,
One can’t help but notice,
How overgrown the grass has become inside.

Proud armies of dandelion clocks try to command the sprawling weeds,
Occupying this deserted land, they’ve taken over, they’re in control,
As our confused children look on and await their turn so patiently,
In the parks there’s no laughter, no fun, no soul.

This has to be the longest queue for the swings to date,
But at least we all know this land will be ours once again.
Whereas the dandelions and other weeds can’t escape their fate,
When the council mowers defeat the enemy, our children’s territory we will regain.

The noise of nature

A carpet of wild garlic invited us into the woods,
A sensory delight.
Tiny white delicate flowers with a strong scent,
Demanded our attention.

The bark of faceless decayed tree trunks,
snapped and cracked,
As the cows in the adjoining field
And stared.

Climbing over the stile,
And watching our footing,
We made our way to the clearing,
Ate jammy dodgers and shared some orange squash.
And took in the view,
The open, green and blue view.

And we just breathed.
Just listened.
Just whispered.
Respecting the noise of nature.
Thankful to live where we live.

Bad hair day?

According to research I read, human hair grows 6 inches per year,
Mine is definitely bucking the trend.
I wonder if there will still be demand for hair extensions,
When this lockdown comes to an

Foods that help your hair to grow,
Are avocado, eggs, spinach and fish,
So if you want locks to rival Rapunzel by the start of July,
I’d go for a protein-rich dish.

But if you’re considering using the kitchen scissors,
To give your hair a quick little trim,
I’d think again if I were you,
The chances of a positive result are unfortunately pretty slim.

Wait for the expert to get their skilled hands on your hair,
But be prepared to fight for an appointment when they finally re-open their chair!

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