Camino de Grangegorman. A poem by Nora Rahill

Silence, Footsteps
Morning Dew on the Campus, Birds Singing
Dublin Mountains, can’t visit
Sun shining, soft clouds, angry clouds, rain falling
Absent Family, Friends, some gone forever
Absent Colleagues, No Friday Cake
Empty, Silent Structures, Old and New
Changing Blossoms on the Trees and Flowers,
Empty Wooden Benches, Sound of the Clock
Open Spaces, Altering Spaces,
Quiet Playgrounds, no kids, no tears or laughter or small colourful trikes
Crunch of footsteps on the running track
Empty Sports Pitches, no players, no whistle, no cheers

Socialisation, no socialisation, the new norm of distance,
Meandering people, strangers, colleagues, eye contact, no eye contact
Joggers, Dog walkers, Meet ups, Baby Walkers, Frontline Workers
A smile, a nod, a Hello, eye contact, no eye contact
People crisscrossing, circling, meandering, echoes of the past
Lost in our own thoughts
Yellow signs; 2 metre distance
Alert to oncomers,
Side step to avoid, was that rude?
Pandemic, new behaviours
Old behaviours
Hopscotch, children’s games chalked on the empty pathways
Smiley faces, sad faces, lost faces
Missing Family, missing Friends
Time away from this new digital world of communicating
No Travels, 2020 Lockdown
Enjoying what’s on our doorstep
A new way of living
Grangegorman every morning an altered vision
Time out, next 8 hours a virtual space.


Corporate Affairs Manager, Grangegorman Development Agency.

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