Cafe Religion. A poem by Geraldine Fleming

secular devotees of Sunday rituals
solace of experience ousting
mysteries of faith

neophytes and regulars mill into
the warmth welcomed by waiters
immaculate in black and white

incense of cooked breakfast
bitter coffee and steamed milk
waft this vaulted space

conviction guides devotees
faces near beautification
enraptured in gourmet pleasures

hushed low-tech parents trail reluctant
high-tech fledglings
seeking clues to conduct

the greeter allays their fears
easing them into a pew
rituals of review and consume observed

pancake stacks replace missal towers
cherry scones break like holy bread
easy music picks a gospel beat

the chef at his serving altar
garbed in purest white gives a final blessing
salt and pepper hands sanctifying food

this is relaxed veneration

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  1. This is secular faith at its best. Really good.

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